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Acid Reflux/Heartburn
Back Pain
Blurry Vision
Car Accident
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Heart Palpitations
Herniated/Bulging Disc
High Blood Pressure
Hip Pain
Leg Length
Loss of Muscular Control
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Neck Pain
Restless Leg Syndrome
Ringing in Ears
TMJ / Jaw Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Tourette Syndrome/Tics

Respiratory Problems

My daughter has been having respiratory problems since she was age 1 and she has been on antibiotics and cortisone steroids a few times, has had pneumonia twice and breathes very heavy at night.

She started seeing a NUCCA specialist Dr. Friedman and is quite accustomed to coming since it is a child-friendly environment and she accompanies me almost all the time.

Thanks to God by the gifted hands of Dr. Friedman and NUCCA that her intake of steroids has been reduced tremendously. Chiropractic is not for those with backaches only but rather a way of life from a very early age.


Herniated Disc, Neck Pain and Breathing Difficulties

This is a good time to reflect on how far I have come since my first NUCCA adjustment in July of 2002. Almost 6 months elapsed between my adjustment in May and my adjustment last week, which is the longest I have ever been able to go between adjustments. To think that I started out at adjustments twice a week, during the first month, due to the extent of my neck injuries!

One of the most meaningful changes NUCCA has brought about for me is that I have more physical strength and endurance in my 50s, almost immediately following my first adjustment, than I did at age 18, after my first car accident. Even before my second car accident, in 1988, for years I could not work at a desk for extended periods, paint a room, or lift more than one thing over ten pounds without either my right arm becoming numb, or feeling stabbing pains near my shoulder blades, or both.

In later years, my neck would sometimes become so weak after activity, it felt more comfortable to walk around with my neck at a 45 degree angle. And how much can I do now? Well, looking to the latter half of this year for examples, I spread three tons of topsoil and over forty bags of mulch in my yard, painted over half of a four bedroom house, and have spent nearly every evening on my computer without even a twinge!

Another very meaningful change from NUCCA is the complete disappearance of some breathing spasms that had developed whenever I slept on my back or stomach, due to pressure on my upper spinal cord from herniated cervical discs. That is a huge relief not only physically, but also Psychologically. If I had ever needed surgery lying on my back or stomach, I would not have been a steady target under a surgeon's scalpel.

To top everything off, I have also noticed a consistent improvement in my posture, something no amount of prodding from my mother or ballet lessons were ever able to affect for the long term when I was growing up.

I can't say NUCCA has always been a smooth road, because in my case there was a lot to correct, and sometimes adjustments didn't feel like anything I had become used to.

I couidn't always move forward to a longer time interval between adjustments when I wanted to, and a few times even had to take a step back to a shorter time interval. However, this moment's reflection makes me realize how much healing you and NUCCA have channeled for me, something I didn't know would ever be possible, and that overall going through NUCCA treatment has been more than worth the extra time, efforts, patience, and expense. Even though necessarily ongoing, the NUCCA corrections to the herniations of three discs in my neck have been far more efficacious than the one-time surgical sacrifice of those discs would have been.

In addition, you are a caring and effective practitioner of the highest standards. If you ever don't feel appreciated, or when others don't seem to share your enthusiasm for NUCCA, there is a strong possibility it may only be because they don't want to any lose more time by reflecting on their conditions, and all they have missed out or suffered through prior to treatment.

-Cyndy, 55

This treatment is restoring the health and function of thousands of people who were told nothing could be done. It is also preventing countless conditions for people who get under this care before they get into crisis.

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