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Acid Reflux/Heartburn
Back Pain
Blurry Vision
Car Accident
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Heart Palpitations
Herniated/Bulging Disc
High Blood Pressure
Hip Pain
Leg Length
Loss of Muscular Control
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Neck Pain
Restless Leg Syndrome
Ringing in Ears
TMJ / Jaw Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Tourette Syndrome/Tics

Chronic Pain

I had been experiencing chronic pain and weakness in my right elbow and hand. I had been to orthopedics, physical therapy, and multiple cortisone injections which did not help. The pain and weakness were becoming so severe that I was having difficulty performing surgery.

Finally, my personal trainer suggested that the pain was coming from my neck and referred me to NUCCA. This made sense to me as my father had some similar symptoms that were due to spinal cord compression from severe arthritis; but as a traditionally trained M.D., I had some philosophical issues with seeing a NUCCA doctor.

Fortunately, I overcame my reluctance and you diagnosed and corrected my problem. I was pain-free within a month and have remained so ever since. I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back and keeping me pain-free. I think there is nothing more debilitating than chronic pain, and I appreciate so much not having to suffer with that condition any longer.


Chronic Pain

It feels good to feel good again! On July 11, 2004, while riding as a passenger in a car, I fell asleep for about 30 minutes and woke up with a very sore, stiff neck. In the next few days, pain spread from my neck across my shoulder, down my right arm and into my right thumb. Along with the pain, I experienced a "pins and needles" sensation up and down the inside of my right arm that came and went all the time. Sleeping was most difficult.

My internist prescribed a muscle relaxer and 800 mg. of Motrin, taken 4 times a day "as needed". The Motrin took the edge off, but never completely relieved the pain. Sleep was only attainable by taking a whole "Unisom" tablet. (Iím currently continuing a 3 year habit of taking 1/2 Unisom at night. I hope to kick this habit in the near future).

By mid-August, I was still in pain. My prescription ran out, so I decided to just take 4 Motrins (equals 800 mg.) about every 4-6 hours, just to take the edge off the pain, while continuing a whole tablet of Unisom at night. Sometimes Iíd take 2 extra strength Bayer aspirin a few hours after the Motrin. No medication made the pain cease; even large doses did not end the pain.

Since my husband teaches History at Life University, we can receive "free" Chiropractic care. I had last seen a chiropractor 30 years ago for a "stiff neck" from sleeping the wrong way. That was in Tennessee. I was trying to decide who I should see at Life, when an old friend of mine called me from Florida.

My friend, Barbara, called me to ask me to pray for her husband, who suffers from an enlarged heart. After we talked for while, she asked me how I was doing. She got an earful! After listening to me, Barbara said-most emphatically- "You need to see Dr. Russell Friedman. When my regular chiropractor couldnít help me after a car accident, he sent me to Dr. Friedman. I felt relief from the pain after the very first adjustment!" When I mentioned Iís been thinking of seeing a chiropractor, Barbara interjected, "Not just ANY chiropractor, Michele; you NEED to see Dr. Friedman!"

I took her advice, and Iím very glad I did. After my first adjustment, I was not pain-free, but the pain lessoned considerably. I felt hopeful that the pain would eventually cease. Within 24 hours of my first adjustment by Dr. Friedman, I began taking only 2 Motrin, about twice a day. By the time I saw Dr. Friedman for my second adjustment 4 days later I was taking Motrin only occasionally.

My first adjustment was 8/26/04. Now, after 4 adjustments, I am free of pain from the injury. I still have occasional "pins and needles" in my right arm, but they aren't painful - just annoying. I believe they will cease eventually.

My husband and I just took a deep breath and decided to pay "out-of-pocket" to see Dr. Friedman since his care is not covered under Life's current insurance carrier. We have two children (6 1/2 yrs & 4 yrs.) who really need a mother who feels her best. After more than 6 weeks of living with me in my pain-altered state (read: short-tempered), they are all relieved to have me back with my regular, even-tempered (usually) disposition. I expect to feel even better as I complete my treatment program and continue to heal. It makes sense to me that my twisted neck needed some hands-on manipulation to "untwist" it.

Kennesaw GA

Chronic Pain

I abused and distorted my body by being a soccer goalie from childhood through High School. It was obvious that the crooked and uneven frame of my body was affecting the normal flow of life through my body.

I had an ulcer when I was sixteen, hearburn towards the end of High School, agonizing stomach pain, back pain, neck pain, and hip pain.

After 4 years of unsatisfactory medical attention that searched no further than looking for a slipped disc and being told it is ok to take up to 10 aspiring a day for my pain, I finally decided to see a Chiropractor. I was not fixed or healed by my first chiropractor but I really appreciated the fact that he paid attention to the human frame and looked farther than herniated discs on X-rays.

As a result, I dedicated my life to Chiropractic and started attending Chiropractic School. It was there I was introduced to NUCCA.

The first time I was adjusted with the NUCCA technique, the room became a hundred times brighter and my body felt as light as feather on my feet. It took me a while to hold my adjustment but today in my 60th day in adjustment and I am not going to lose it any time soon. Not only did NUCCA give me my life back, but it is allowing me to give other people their lives back as a profession! I am feeling great.


Chronic Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was in an auto accident over 10 years ago and have had multiple chronic pain issues ever since. When I came to the NUCCA doctorís office I was in severe Trigeminal Neuralgia pain and a friend had to drive me to the office.

This pain is almost completely gone after just one visit.

Even my energy level has increased! (I have the diagnosis of chronic fatigue).


Chronic Pain, Headaches

n 2004 I was involved in an car accident that left me with serious neck problems. The pain I was having in my neck was like pain I have never felt before. The pain would be so bad that it would cause me to have terrible headaches, so bad that I was unable to continue with daily activities like work & take care of my son.

The pain would radiate down my arm & cause my face & arm to go numb, the pain was so intense at times that it would literally make me sick. This was occurring several times a week, which was getting in the way of my everyday life. I couldn't do normal activities anymore; lift, push, pull, look from side to side. I couldn't even play with my son anymore without it causing me to have awful pain.

I was referred to go to a regular chiropractor, advised that this was all I needed & I should feel better. I was going to the chiropractor 3-4 times a week for months with only temporary relief. After the chiropractor wasn't working I was then referred to a physical therapist, where I was told that all I needed was to do some stretches & would feel better.

After months of going to the physical therapist with still no lasting relief I was then referred to a pain management Dr, who then put me on several different medicines & starting giving me injections in my neck. After a few months of that with no lasting relief he decided to combine all these things & that should do the trick.

So, I was seeing a physical therapist twice a week, taking muscle relaxers & a prescription anti-inflammatory daily, & getting painful injections in my neck once a week. Still no lasting relief.

After that, I saw a neurologist who still couldn't find the problem along with a few other Dr's. After that I tried massage therapy, still nothing that would last. I had several MRI's that all came back normal. No one could seem to find what was wrong with me, but here I am, with obviously something wrong because I am in so much pain. It was so bad that I was now taking Vicodin to help with the pain but even that didn't give me much relief.

After all that I gave up. I thought this was just something I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. Then, after 5 long years of suffering through this, someone referred me to a NUCCA specialist Dr. Friedman. I went in with not much hope that he was going to be different than anyone else who I had seen before. But he was different. He was the first Dr I had seen in 5 years that actually wanted to find the source of my problem instead of trying to just put me on medicine.

He explained to me in detail what was going on & what he was going to do to make me better. I have been going to Dr Friedman for almost a year now & although I am not completely pain free I am so much better than I have been in a long time & I am continuing to follow his treatment plan to feel even better. No more laying in bed 2-3 times a week because I'm in so much pain. I can play with my son again! I finally, after 5 years of agonizing pain, have my life back!


Chronic Pain

I know I've been lazy about writing how much better I feel. However, I've been so busy enjoying the freedom of pain-free living, that it seems I don't have much extra time any more! I'm doing things now that I never thought I would ever be physically able to do again!

When I first came to see the NUCCA doctor just a year ago, I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning. I dreaded the alarm. I knew that the only relief I was getting from my constant back pain was when I was sleeping. I couldn't exercise, sit, stand up, pick up a baby, or bend over to pick up a dropped item, let alone do the things I loved ... play golf, ride horses, hike, go boating, etc. I was miserable. I was gaining weight, and my muscle tone was dwindling to nothing. I ached all the time.

After trudging through over 17 different doctors, (the last being an appointment with the neurosurgeon), and taking an enormous amount of dangerous drugs (that were supposed to block the pain) and having a steroid shot in my back (not fun!} I found NUCCA.

My instincts told me that there was another option besides back surgery. Thank goodness I ended up in your NUCCA office. I felt better after the very first treatment!

With continued support from you and your staff, I gradually began to feel like my old self again. But, what impresses me most is your commitment to recovery and healing, and your genuine concern and care for your patients. I'm not sure who was happier when I started holding my adjustments for long periods of time me or you!

I just ordered a brand new set of golf clubs this week, and I've already been invited to play in a tournament in May. Last November, I bought another quarter horse, but I've been riding in the Smokey Mountains and the hills in Southern Indiana several times before that.

I've been boating, hiking, and walking the malls again (ok, that's shopping, but it counts}. I even went roller-blading a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles with my son! Can you believe it??? Things that people take for granted until they can't do them anymore. Your knowledge and your caring spirit helped me achieve a healthy and productive life-once more!

I've lost the weight, I'm lifting weights, and doing tons of crunches again. I walk with a spring in my step, and people around me say I look younger than ever. (That's probably because the dark circles are gone from under my eyes from lack of sleep.)

I laugh so much now, because I feel happy again. I'm even more productive at work (oh, and my staff is much happier too - they send their own "thank you's")! So, you see, I've been extremely busy, but wanted to take the time today to write. This letter is long overdue!


Chronic Pain

After my first visit to NUCCA specialist Dr. Friedman, I left with a 75% decrease of my low back and leg pain! I was able to walk and do a bit of Atlanta shopping that same afternoon!!! I was amazed and grateful beyond words because I had received little to no encouragement from my general physician and an orthopedic surgeon.

The only choices I had were an epidural block. (which only worked for a very short time) and eventual surgery. Even the orthopedic surgeon was not very confident that surgery would alleviate the pain In the long run. His exact words were "you really don't want that." What a scary thought coming from a skilled surgeon!!!

Needless to say I was desperate for help and was almost resigned to becoming a cripple and considering ordering my "power chair"! My life was severely controlled by the pain ...! could not walk, sit, or especially stand for even 5 minutes. Walking from the parking lot to my office was extremely uncomfortable; sitting at my desk all day was extremely uncomfortable ... I was unable to live my normal life.

The NUCCA method is so gentle and even though it seems nothing is happening, when I could stand and walk almost pain free I was thrilled. Dr. Friedman even telephoned me the next day to see how I was doing. Never had that happen before!! Having been to "other" chiropractors in the past with no lasting good results and after now experiendng the NUCCA method, why would I go to anyone who "cracks" my bones?

-Sandy, 1

This treatment is restoring the health and function of thousands of people who were told nothing could be done. It is also preventing countless conditions for people who get under this care before they get into crisis.

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