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Acid Reflux/Heartburn
Back Pain
Blurry Vision
Car Accident
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Heart Palpitations
Herniated/Bulging Disc
High Blood Pressure
Hip Pain
Leg Length
Loss of Muscular Control
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Neck Pain
Restless Leg Syndrome
Ringing in Ears
TMJ / Jaw Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Tourette Syndrome/Tics


Caitlyn had a "normal" birth and first couple of months of life. However, at three months old she had her first seizure. We were scared. Then the second, and third, we were horrified. Would my daughter ever be able to swim or drive a car?

She soon began the medication. From three months to six months she barely gained any weight, the medication caused profuse vomiting. Not to mention the lethargy. Suddenly my vibrant, exciting daughter was replaced with a sickly, emotionless lump. When the doctors cut her dose in half because of probable liver damage, we knew we had to do something, but what?

After all of this time, after all of those tests, we still didn't even have a name for her condition. Her neurologist said he couldn't call it epilepsy until the seizures had been active for a number of years. We were so lost, and felt as if we were drowning.

Our neighbor then suggested that we take her to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. My wife and I were very skeptical, to say the least. However, for some reason we went. He explained everything he was going to do and why. He also insisted that my wife and I begin care. He said, if this care is good enough for your daughter, it is good enough for you too!

The care went well, and we slowly began weaning her off of her medication. By nine months old, my daughter was both seizure-free and medication-free! Today, I have a beautiful and wonderful daughter who is the epitome of health. The best part is that she has no memory of those days! I also have two more perfectly healthy daughters that have been raised raised with Upper Cervical care given by their own father.

-Caitlyn, 7 Dr. John Allen, father

Seizures, Tics

My 6 year old daughter, Isabel, was having seizure-like symptoms. Her eyes would roll back and the right side of her body would stiffen up. She was also developing a tic with her mouth. We took her to the emergency room and to many different chiropractors using different techniques. We saw no progress. We started bringing Isabel to a NUCCA doctor, within two weeks we saw great results. After 1 month she was completely normal. He not only helped my daughter, but he helped our entire family.


This treatment is restoring the health and function of thousands of people who were told nothing could be done. It is also preventing countless conditions for people who get under this care before they get into crisis.

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